Thyroglossal Cysts

About Thyroglossal Cysts

The Thyroid is a large gland in your neck which produces hormones. While still developing in the womb this gland moves through a thyroglossal tract to the neck.

Ocassionally small parts of this thyroglossal tract still remain after childbirth. Thyroglossal cysts develop around the neck from the cells and tissue left behind during this process.


Cause of  Procedure

Thyroglossal cysts are often difficult to spot at childbirth and tend to appear during the first few years of a child’s development. They are liable to infection and so it is often recommended that the cysts are surgically removed.

To reduce the chance of a cyst recurring it is important to remove any parts of the throgloassal tract that still remain.

Post  Procedure

It is unusual for there to be any complications following surgery. In rare cases, however, the cyst may return and a further operation will be required.